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The minority population begin to increase in the East and West Lynwood Additions at the end of the seventies. There was one church in the East Lynwood Addition. The West Lynwood Addition was in transition but there was no predominately minority church to serve new residents who were moving into the area.


As a result of this need, and after much prayer and divine leadership from the Holy Spirit, a survey was done and it was concluded that there was a need for another worship facility in the area. The Lord then guided us to the home of the late Sister Rena Mae Jett who lived on Central Freeway. She graciously consented to allow us to hold the organizational meeting in her home. On September 7, 1983, the New Jerusalem Baptist Church was born.


The first worship services were held in the East Lynwood Community Center. Three weeks later, on October 1, 1983, the services were moved to 1400 Borton Lane where we remained until the Lord saw fit to elevate us to higher heights.


Through hard work and perseverance the members enlarged the small frame building. in September 2002, we began construction on our new sanctuary. The Lord allowed us to move in and hold our first service on Easter Sunday 2003.

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